Painting the Exterior Of Your House?

Posted on 15 February 2013

Want to get the exterior of your house painted? It is very important that you choose the right color for your home’s exterior. The color scheme, which is chosen for the home creates an initial impression that an individual has of the premises as a whole. Whether unflattering or complimentary colors are chosen, the home will gain its own identity after the paint is applied. Many times, it has been seen that homeowners miss opportunities of accentuating positive attributes that the home has by failing to choose the right colors.

Exterior house painting samples can help you decide which color to use for painting your house, as you’ll get to see what the home looks like at different times of the day. Don’t think that selecting a color for a house is same like selecting a color for a car or a shirt. You first need to observe the colors that other homeowners with similar design and style as yours have applied on their homes. You can even make the best use of the software program that helps to create virtual makeovers of home by combing colors. Painting techniques

Your color selection should depend upon few important things, which you need to consider. Take a look at them.

Surrounding landscaping

If you have colorful or ornamental trees, floral or shrubbery selections around your house, you must consider their colors while selecting the exterior paint. These landscaping attributes usually have an impact on the appeal of the property as a whole. For instance, if you find your house to be surrounded by trees, you will see that the tress have casted shadows on to your home and made your property darker. In such a case, avoid using darker colors while painting house.

Home’s attractive details

Every home has attractive details, which should be accentuated to give it an amazing look. The key is not to make the wrong details stand out. Windows, shutters, entryways and other details on home should be accentuated and must stand out. However, downspouts, gutters, protruding garage doors and unevenly proportioned windows should not be highlighted, as that will provide a negative result.

Painting techniques

Do you have damaged or cracked exterior walls? You would definitely want to hide these flaws then. Use flat paint as that will make the defects less visible. You can also use dark color paint to create a subtler and softer appearance on the wall. Dark colors usually cause less reflection from light and helps in hiding the defects on the walls. Now, many homeowners may think that by using darker colors, their home will look smaller. It’s true that darker paints make the home look smaller but they are the best way to eliminate the defects. Homeowners who think that their home will look smaller can using two shades of a single color and make their homes appear appropriately sized. Hire the services of professional painters as they know how to make a home look larger or taller even with the use of darker colors.

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