Insurance Coverage For a Handyman

Posted on 5 March 2013

 If you are a handyman catering your sincere efforts to an array of homeowners you should know that you are doing a great job. In fact your services are going to save homeowners from a good amount of hassles. However in this regard you should know that your job involves some potential risk factors also. To save yourself from unwanted expenses caused by injuries or mishaps while working, you should get yourself covered. There are options with lenient payment terms and conditions. Here is a close look at some of the most essential insurance, a handyman should have.

Insurance Coverage For a Handyman

Worker’s compensation insurance 

Worker’s compensation insurance happens to be a crucial insurance coverage for all handyman services. If you are catering your services as a handyman then you have to make it sure that have got yourself covered with this insurance facility. This kind of an insurance coverage is also termed as progressive commercial advantage programs. Industry experts believe that the program offers potential benefits for a handyman. With the help of this kind of coverage, a pro is going to get covered for all the medical costs to treat the injuries he has received while working on a project. At the same time, the pro gets covered against lost wages. However, the condition is you have to give proofs that you have been injured or ill while the work was in process.

Insurance for vehicles 

As a pro you should also know that handyman insurance for vehicles is equally important to you just like worker’s compensation insurance. As a service provider, you are in fact entitled to a wide range of vehicle insurance packages such as van insurance, truck insurance, insurance for pick up vehicles, trailer insurance, insurance for dump trucks etc.

General liability insurance 

General liability insurance is known by the abbreviated form- GL. GL happens to be a highly important insurance coverage and is of great importance to the pros as well as all homeowners who need to hire a handyman in order to deal with trivial yet tricky chores at home. This kind of coverage helps you enormously in case you get subjected to personal injury while offering your service. If you are adequately covered by this specific kind of a liability insurance you can rest assured that you are protected against the threats of lawsuits as well as other financial liabilities that might trigger out of any mishap. If you wish, you can also merge your general liability insurance coverage with BOP or business owners’ policy.

BOP insurance 

BOP is business owners’ policy. If you own a handyman business, this particular insurance policy is going to be helpful for you. It gives you sufficient coverage against any sort of damage, natural disaster as well as accidents.

Make it sure that you are going to get yourself covered with these insurances. These are indeed vital for all handyman services and they are your true pal in case something untoward happens to you. Knowing in depth details of these insurance packages help you be in winning stand as well as avert unnecessary hassles with homeowners.

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  1. Thomas Hill says:

    A handyman does a great job when he does your household work. He saves a lot of time which otherwise you would have spend in work. Worker’s compensation insurance is a good insurance for all handyman services.

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